Presenting the world’s first and ONLY Adult Size Inflatable Crib. Our adult crib is a fun, yet discreet for all adult babies who ever dreamt of owning a crib. Adult-sized cribs are costly and complicated to assemble; not to mention the average price of $1,500.00 USD (Ouchie). Easy to set up and easily hidden when deflated. The crib is 70' long, 52' wide, headboard is 55' tall, and the footboard is 36' tall. Aww So Cute's big adult baby crib is made of high quality white PVC. Our big baby crib also features our adorable Aww So Cute logo, adding an extra element to your Adult Baby playtime. Includes electric air pump. This adult size crib is made with durable .40mm PVC and weighs 12.0 lbs. This is an adorable yet enormously sized adult crib providing you excitement for playtime or AB slumber parties. This Adult Size Crib is suitable for all types of enthusiasts, including Diaper Lovers, Age Players, Cos-players, AB Role Players, Sissies, and Adult Babies. Whether it’s time for a quick nap, or a change in the crib, our big baby crib will enliven any element in the AB/DL world. Please be advised, depending on your shipping region, shipments may take anywhere from 15-25 days.

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