The Aww So Cute brand is all about “Cuteness’ creating and providing the highest quality products for anyone who enjoys acting dressing up like a “Baby” for Role Play, Cosplay and fun.

What separates the Aww So Cute brand from everyone else is that, we design, produce and manufacture everything ourselves. We over see everything from start to finish, this is what makes our designs unique and super cute for the Adult Baby Community and Cosplayers is that, All our products all match; Adult onesies, diapers, pacifiers and bibs. This is what makes the Aww So Cute brand so amazing and stands out from all the rest. We develop and design with the utmost attention to detail to create the most realistic Adult baby products.

Do you know that many online retails do not design and produce their goods. They buy “premade” goods and slap a brand new sticker on the product and they you have it brand new pop up ABDL store with no rhyme or reason.

Did you know ... That the Aww So Cute brand was the first to produce the world’s cutest adult printed diapers and without a doubt our diapers stand out from every other adult diaper on the market.
Did you know
Aww So Cute brand was the first in the world to legitimately mass-produce adult size pacifiers! (Look at all the knock off’s now) 

As well as creating the World’s first and only adult size inflatable crib.

When you think about what has be created and introduced to the market in only three and a half years it’s pretty amazing!!! Some serious groundbreaking products for ABDL, AB, TB, DDLG, Age Play, CosPlay, DL, and Diaper Play scene, proudly making our Aww So Cute Brand a leader within this cute and fun market space and we are continuing to build and create for all our customers present and future.

What is abdl?

This term means “Adult Baby / Diaper Lover”, Basically anyone who enjoys acting and dressing up in diapers, those who love to wear clothing that would make them appear to be a baby.

What is Ageplay?

This is a term used for role playing where any individual, man or woman has a desire to act or be treated like a baby. Ageplay has nothing to do with pedophilia what so ever. This is just a descriptive for the act of someone wanting to be return to babyhood.

What is Infantilism?

means Adult Baby syndrome. Again, were an individual has a sexual fetish for role-playing and/or enjoys any aspect of regressing to an infant or baby like state. This process would require the use of all items and behaviors of wearing and using diapers, pacifiers and drinking from a bottle.