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Blue Teddy Bears - $26.99

Blue Teddy Bears



GREAT NEWS! - Our ever popular Blue Teddy Bear Diapers are NOW in Stock !!! Our Printed Adult Diapers designs are the nicest looking adult baby product on the market.  

Aww So Cute is the only online vendor that has created these adorable blue teddy bear printed adult diapers.

Aww So Cute makes the cutest and most fun, cutest and most comfortable adult baby diapers out there. 

Our diapers feature stretchy elastic legs for a secure fit and absorbency for the utmost durability.

Please be advised, depending on your shipping region, shipments may take anywhere from 15-28 days. 

International quanities are limited to 1 pack of diapers per customer. 


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Available in 3 sizes: Medium, Large and Extra Large (please refer to our sizing chart).
Made from Pulp, SAP, Non-woven fabric, PE film, adhesive tapes, frontal tape, elastic strings and wet strength tissue. Diapers have a plastic back.

Aww So Cute offers cute Adult Printed Diapers with Blue Teddy Bears. Our fully printed Blue Teddy Bear adult diapers are the most attractive and playful designs on the market. If you need or like to wear adult diapers make sure you try Blue Aww So Cute Printed Diapers. They are very popular and cater to all Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, Age Play, COS Play and AB Role Playing enthusiasts. These Blue Teddy Bear Diapers are surrounded with cute Stars and Baby Bottles.