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    About Us


Aww So Cute has been providing the highest quality products for anyone who enjoys acting or dressing up like a “Baby”. This is normally referred to as an Adult Baby or someone who finds pleasure in Role-Play or AgePlay.

Aww So Cute has produced “Adult printed diapers” featuring a cute all over teddy bear print, along with adult sized pacifiers, adult sized inflatable crib and onesies t-shirts and footed pajamas. All products produced by ASC are designed with the utmost care and attention to detail to create the most realistic Adult baby products.


What is abdl?

This term means “Adult Baby / Diaper Lover”, Basically anyone who enjoys acting and dressing up in diapers and wear clothing that would make them appear to be a baby.

What is ageplay?

This is a term used for Roleplaying where any individual, man or woman has a desire to act or be treated like a baby. Ageplay has northing to do with pedophilla what so ever. This is just a descriptive for the act of someone wanting to be return to babyhood.

What is Infantilism?

means Adult Baby syndrome. Again, were an individual has a sexual fetish for role-playing and/or enjoys any aspect of regressing to an infant or baby like state. This process would require the use of all items and behaviors of wearing and using diapers, pacifiers and drinking from a bottle.